Whistle Blowing Policy

Under the domain of this policy, all stakeholders of the company can voice their concerns about prospective fraud, illegal and/or unethical conduct in the organization without any fear of reprisal. The policy protects the employee that they will suffer no harm for raising their concerns and any accusation will be fairly investigated and proper action will be taken in a constructive manner.

Examples may include
  • Any person involved in any Bribe/Commission/Kickbacks from the vendors, suppliers or within the organization with any staff member.
  • Theft, fraud and misappropriation.
  • Violation of company's code of conduct, policies, SOPs or rules and regulations.
  • Any act of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity or political affiliation.
  • Breach of confidentiality.
  • Criminal Offences.
  • Violation of health and safety guidelines.
  • Give rise to harassment, discrimination or other unfair employment practices.
  • Action based on injustice.
  • Unwarranted allowance or false expenses.
  • Witnessing someone with drugs or alcohol.

Process of raising and handling the concern

Open and candid communication is an important part of our culture. Stakeholders are therefore encouraged to raise their concerns by directly email to management of the company at whistleblowing@blue-ex.com to address their concerns.

Content of the report

  • A description of the matter with all known relevant facts including dates, name of persons, locations and division.
  • An indication of how the reporting employees became aware of the matter.
  • Names of the people involved or witnesses.
  • Concrete supporting information or document.
  • An estimate of the amount the matter could involve.

Misuse of Whistle Blowing

It is expected from all stakeholders to refrain from rumor mongering, irresponsible behavior and false allegations and if staff makes an allegation in good faith, but it is not confirmed by the investigation, no action will be taken against them.

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