Jubilee General

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Create a new product category for online insurance purchase

It was a challenge to convince the Pakistani consumer that Insurance can be bought quickly and hassle-free online. ImagineEX overcame this challenge for Jubilee General Insurance by creating a 360 Degree Campaign. Channels used for the campaign included TV, Outdoor, Radio and Online Advertising.

Customer Education

A series of Illustrated Educational videos were created for Telvision and Digital Media that showed a slice of life.

Engagement Creation on Social Media Channels

The Campaign’s success made the case for Jubilee General to launch a multitude of Insurance Services and Appsin the coming years with an Online Portfolio that now has a variety of insurance products for the customer.

Creation of sales funnel and conversion management

We manage the Sales Funnel for Jubilee controlling aspects of Media Buying, Traffic Analysis, Customer Relationship Management and Contact Center Services.

Contact Center Development

Our state of the art contact center ensures feedback from all channels, and is utilized to provide Jubilee Customers a best in class experience.

Customize logistics workflow with the BlueEX Network

This integrated logistics and contact center functionality allows us to provide a customized logistics workflow that makes policy delivery possible in more than 400 cities and towns in Pakistan.

Services used in the project

  • UI/UX Development
  • Creative Design
  • Platform Integration
  • Engagement & strategy
  • Mobile App Development
  • Project Managment

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