The undisputed leader in COD

The first logistics company to offer cash on delivery services in Pakistan, BlueEX has a dedicated COD network of more than 657 locations across the country. The lowest return ratio in the Industry and a 24/7 Customer Services Team.

Dedicated Cash on Delivery Fleet

Delivery Fleet

Our client base is spread across more than 10 different retail sectors, this includes fast moving consumer goods, fashion apparel and accessories, consumer electronics, cellular and mobile devices and more. As E-Commerce spreads to other retail sectors such as Furniture, Home Improvement and hardware blueEX is increasing its quantum of road and rail based services to make these sectors effective for E-retailers.

More than 3000 Clients

Starting from our 1st client Uth-Oye in 2010, BlueEX has grown into the leading E-Commerce Logistics Company over the last decade. Our client base has grown to more than 3,000 and the list includes household names from all sectors of the manufacturing and retail industry.

400 Cities in pakistan

657 cities in Pakistan

With more than 600 delivery locations, blueEX has a dedicated Cash on Delivery network that is optimized to delivery your COD shipment. Our Hub and Spoke system routes your shipment from 32 key locations in Pakistan and ensures that your shipment is delivered on time and maintaining a high quality of service.

Product trained delivery staff

This is why E-Retailers chose to ship with blueEX.


E-Commerce Couriers

Our Couriers are the best in class when it comes to E-Commerce delvieries. Each blueEX Couriers spends 90% of his time performing E-Commerce deliveries and knows how to handle your COD shipments. Our dedicate COD processing staff is spread throughout the country making sure your E-Commerce orders are delivered on time and customer expectations are met.

Product Quality
Operational efficiency

24/7 Customer Support

BlueEX runs it's own Contact Center and has a trained team of more than 35 agents to make sure that our E-Retailers get the customer service expereince. On an average day our customer services is involved in various tasks, from the simplest shipment tracking query to resolving complex delivery cases that require focused attention. Our Rider App allows riders to take E-Retailers on board a conferenece call and resolve disputes in real time with the end customers. This lowers the return ratio and improves our quality of service for our E-Retail clients.


Integration consultation and help

Our Expert Store integration team will assist you with your requirements, no matter what they are. From ERP integration to Google Forms our tech team offers integration options to suite every E-Retailer. We offer support on popular E-Commerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce and hosted solutions such as Shopify, Fishry and WebX. We have also integrated our shipping solutions with Retail ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One and Lumensoft Candela.

400 Cities in pakistan

Reverse logistics and returns

Do Returns have you worried? Customers frequently refuse your shipments? Let blueEX take care of it. With the only dedicated E-Commerce Delivery fleet and a policy of 3 attempts per shipment we make sure that a shipment is only returned if was genuinely refused by your customer. Our Customer Services Department coordinates with your customers for return shipments and make sure that returns are processes as smoothly as possible.

400 Cities in pakistan

Open box delivery

For quality sensitive e-retailers, blueEX also offers an open box delivery mechanism that allows your customer to inspect a shipment before paying cash for it. Called Open Box delivery, blueEX riders help the customer open the packaging and review the product before choosing to pay for it. This is ideal for products such as clothing or shoes where product sizes can be variable for different e-retailers

Swap Delivery

400 Cities in pakistan

Why are the efforts of some companies more impactful than others?

With blueEX you can also perform swap delivery, letting your customers exchange one product with another. For this blueEX makes a delivery of the new productt and collects the older product as a return and delivers it back to the e-retailer address. This is most effective for apparel and accessories where size mismatch is a common issue.

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400 Cities in pakistan

Same day delivery in major cities

For Major cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, blueEX offers its e-retailers same day delivery with a 3 hour turnaround time. Shipments can be picked up during multiple pickup windows during a day and then processed in bulk which means that as a e-retailer you can just hand over your shipments and rest easy as blueEX makes the deliveries and you track them on the blueEX shipping app.

Real time system with real time status updates

Real time system with real time status updates

BlueEX uses real-time processing across its logistics and fulfillment services to make sure that you get a real time view of how your business is doing. Our riders use internet connected smart apps to update the status of you shipment the moment a customer accepts it on her doorstep. Similarly our Logistics processing facilities, warehouses and airport offices all use systems that update your information in real time. So you can track your E-Commerce orders live.

Made for your E-Commerce platform

Customer Friendly Shipping App

Customer friendly Shipping App

BlueEX Shipping App is made for your e-commerce platform. With plugins available for Magento, Shopify, Opencart and other platforms, as an E-Retailer you can rest assured that no matter what your E-Store platform is, blueEX will offer an integration option that makes shipping a one-click activity for you. Once you click on an order in your E-store dashboard, that order seamlessly falls into our shipping application where you can process it by performing

  • 1. Generate a consignment note
  • 2. Track the order
  • 3. Split an order with multiple products into two or more orders
  • 4. Add or remove products from within the order
  • 5. Leaves customer service or operation specific comments against the order
  • 6. More

You can also view your outstanding payments from blueEX and review your account statements and history. multiple actions:

Real time system with real time status updates

24/7 customer services

Our customer services team is online 24/7 and always there to assist you when required. You can speak to our agents by calling 021-111-BLUE-EX or chat to a web agent on our website or Facebook page.

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