Terms and Condtions


a) UNS will not be responsible for any shortages claimed by the consignee. This is the responsibility of the client to ensure exact number of items inside the parcel as the quantity inside the parcel is not known to UNS.

b) The client is responsible for packing of goods to ensure the safety during their transit as per nature of the goods. Any damage to the product due to poor packaging will not be the responsibility of UNS.


a) Claim will not be admissible for damages to the shipment. Any kind of damages during transit will be the responsibility of the client. Client will be responsible for proper packing of their fragile and sensitive products.

b) Claim will only be admissible for shipments LOST IN TRANSIT WITHIN PAKISTAN DUE TO ACCIDENT, THEFT, SNATCHING and ROBERRY. Claims will not be admissible in case seal is broken / torn of the packages / flyers

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c) UNS will not be responsible for any shortages claimed by the consignee. This is the responsibility of the client to ensure exact number of items inside the parcel as the quantity inside the parcel is not known to UNS. No claims will be entertained if a shipment is delivered to the consignee in acceptable condition.

d) Claim will not be admissible for damages to the shipment. Any kind of damages during transit will be the responsibility of the client. Client will be responsible for proper packing of their fragile and sensitive products.

e) UNS’s settlement of claim against a shipment cannot be more than the retail value of the product(s) being shipped. For insured shipments, claim will be acceptable to the maximum limit of insured value not exceeding the insured value declared by the client on the consignment note. The Insured declared value will be the basis of claim settlement. Claim will only be entertained when the insurance premium as applicable has been fully paid by the client.

f) For insured shipments, the client must accept insurance as per acceptance terms and conditions of UNS before the shipment is handed over to UNS Company. No eligibility will be entertained after the shipment has been booked.

g) Claim will not be admissible for damages to any goods including electronic equipment, LCD, LED etc. Client will be responsible for proper packing of these kinds of products.

    h) Claim will not be admissible if shipment is lost due to:

  • War, Strike Riots,
  • Terrorism
  • Explosions
  • Earthquake Fire and shock

i) The legitimate claim will be settled within two weeks’ time from the date of occurrence of the incident.


a) UNS shall not be liable for any loss of profit or special, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind.


a) Goods are carried under the rules relating to liability established by Carriage By Air Act - 1934 (XXX of 1934) as adopted and modified by the Central Government of Pakistan for, domestic carriage 14th March, 4962 (hereinafter called "The Act' and carriage under this consignment note and other services performed by carrier are further subject to:

Applicable laws, government regulations, order and requirements, applicable tariffs, rules regulations and time tables (but not the limes of departure and arrival therein) of the carrier which are made part hereof and which may be inspected at any of its offices and at airports from which. It operates regular services.

Attention of the shippers is particularly invited to the following conditions:

    i. The consignor must furnish such information and documents as are necessary to meet formalities of custom, octroi or police before the cargo can be delivered to the consignee. The consignor is liable to the carrier for any damage occasioned by the absence, insufficiency or irregularity of any such information or documents.

    ii. The consignor is responsible for the correctness of the particulars and statements relating to the cargo which he inserts in the air consignment note.

b) Receipt by the person entitled to delivery of cargo without complaint is prima-facie evidence that the same has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage. Except as the act or other applicable law may otherwise require:


    i. Carrier is not liable to the shipper or to any other person for any damage, delay or loss of what so-ever nature arising out of or in connection with the carriage of the goods, unless such damage is proved to have been caused by the negligence or willful fault of the carrier and there has been no contributory negligence of the shipper or consignee or other claimant.

    ii. Carrier is not liable for any damage directly or indirectly arising out of compliance with laws, government regulations, order or requirements or from cause beyond carrier's control.

    iii. In the carriage of cargo the liability of the carrier in respect of the' destruction, loss or damage is limited to a sum of Rs.88.20 Per Kg., unless the shipper has made, at the time when the cargo was handed over to the carrier, a special declaration of the value at delivery and has paid a supplementary sum. In the event carrier's liability for compensation shall not exceed shipper's declared value.

    iv. It is agreed that carrier's liability for damage occasioned by delay in carriage of goods shall be limited to the actual damage which may be proved to have been sustained due to such delay or double the sum paid for carriage, whichever amount is smaller.

    v. Carrier shall not be liable under any circumstances for damage to or destruction of a consignment cause by or as a result of properly contained therein and shipper, own and consignee whose property shall cause any damage to or destruction of another consignment or any property of carrier, shall indemnify carrier for all losses and expenses incurred by carrier as a result thereof. Goods which are likely to endanger aircraft, person or property may be abandoned or destroyed by carrier at any time without any liability therefore attaching to carrier.

    d) That the carrier reserves the right to check at the time of acceptance or delivery any cargo tendered to him for carriage to ascertain its contents.

    e) In case of damage of cargo, the person entitled to delivery must complain to the carrier forthwith after the discovery of the damage and in no case later than seven days from the date of receipt of cargo. In case of delay the complaint must be made at the latest within fourteen clays from the date on which the cargo has been placed at his disposal. Every complaint must be made by notice in writing dispatched within the time stated above, but failing complaint within aforesaid time, no action shall lie against the carrier.

    f) No. agent, servant or representative of carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.

    g) The execution of this consignment note is prima-facie evidence of conclusion of contract between the carrier and the consignor.

BLUEEX Customer Registration Form

The Shipper/Client acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions and relieves Universal Network Systems (Pvt.) Limited (“BLUEEX”) from any liabilities, responsibilities, claims, proceedings, suits, etc. against any damage, loss or expense suffered in connection with the services hereunder and also agreeing that BLUEEX will only be responsible for the carriage of document/parcel which is the only function and responsibility of BLUEEX.

By signing this form, the client confirms that he has understood and agrees on all the rates, notes and terms and conditions stated on this and attached page of this agreement and any other annexure(s) attached.

a) BLUEEX Consignment Note:
The Consignment Note of BLUEEX (CN) is non-negotiable and the Shipper/Sender acknowledges that it has been prepared by the Shipper/Sender or by BLUEEX staff on behalf of the Shipper. The Shipper/Client confirms that all the information provided to BLUEEX while booking the shipment are complete and correct including Shippers and Consignee details, goods value declaration etc. In case of any incorrect information or declaration in the CN, the Shipper/Client acknowledges that BLUEEX will be absolved from any liability or responsibility pertaining to loss, damage or expense suffered by the Shipper/Client.

b) No Variation:
These terms and conditions are applicable on all courier and logistics services provided by BLUEEX to the Shipper/Client hereunder. No employee, franchisee, agent of BLUEEX or anyone else has any authority to change any of these terms and conditions, or make any promise on behalf of BLUEEX which is in addition to or conflict with these Terms and Conditions.

c) Right of Inspection of Shipment:
BLUEEX has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect any shipment including without limitation opening the shipment if required by law and/or regulations. In this regard, the Shipper/Client agrees that BLUEEX may open and inspect a shipment for any reason at any time.

d) Lien of Goods Shipped:
BLUEEX shall have a lien on any goods shipped for all freight Charges, Octroy duties, advances or any other charges of any kind payable by the Shipper/Client hereunder and may refuse to surrender possession of the goods until such charges are paid by the Shipper/Client.

e) Liabilities Not Assumed:
The Shipper/Sender acknowledges that the consignment/shipment shall be transported by road and/or air and shall therefore be exposed to all risks associated with such mode of transportation. Subject to the aforesaid, BLUEEX will endeavor to exercise its best efforts to provide expeditious delivery in accordance with regular delivery schedule. BLUEEX endeavor to exercise its best efforts to provide expeditious delivery in accordance with regular delivery schedule; however, BLUEEX will not, under any circumstances be liable for delay in pick up, transport or delivery of any shipment regardless of the cause of such delay. Further BLUEEX shall not be liable if a shipment is lost, damaged, mis-delivered or not delivered because of circumstances beyond its control. These include

“Act of God” for example earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood or “force majeure” for example war, plane crash or embargo or caused by mishap with BLUEEX

The act, default or omission of the Shipper/Client, the or any other party who claims an interest in the shipment (include violation of any terms and condition hereof) or any person other than BLUEEX or of any Government officials or of the Postal service forwarded or other entity or person to whom a shipment is tendered by BLUEEX or transportation to any location not regularly served by BLUEEX regardless of whether the Shipper/Client reported or had knowledge of such third party delivery arrangements.

The nature of the shipment for any defect, characteristic, inherent vice thereof, even if know to BLUEEX when the Shipper/Client accepted it.

f) Claims:
Any claim must be brought by the Shipper/Client and delivered in writing to the office of BLUEEX nearest the location at which the shipment was accepted within 07 days of the date of such acceptance, no claim may be made against BLUEEX outside if this time limit.

No claim for loss or damage will be entertained until all transportation charges have been paid. The amount of any claim may not be deducted from any transportation charges owed to BLUEEX

BLUEEX does not maintain records relevant to a shipment of more than 60 days. It will thereof be unable to refer to or produce any such record where it is notified for the same after expiry of the stand period of 60 days from the date of shipment.

g) Insurance:
It is mandatory upon shipper to arrange for insurance of all shipment through BLUEEX or any insurance company. BLUEEX liability for loss, pilferage, damage or delay of shipments is limited to Rs.100/= (Rupees One Hundred only) per domestic consignment and Rs. 1,500/= (Rupees Fifteen Hundred only) per international consignment. No claim will be entertained by BLUEEX exceeding these amounts. Shipments of undeclared value shall be accepted for carriage and delivery “On shipper’s Risk Alone”.

h) Damages:
BLUEEX is only liable for any theft and lost subject to maximum worth of 10,000 PKR, any shipment having worth more than 10,000 PKR it is mandatory to arrange insurance by shipper. BLUEEX is not liable for any damage during transit.

i) Lawfulness of Shipment/Goods:
It is hereby undertaken and confirmed that the shipment/goods being stored/transported hereunder through BLUEEX have been acquired by the Shipper/Client lawfully and no law whatsoever has been breached in acquisition thereof. It is further undertaken and confirmed that all the relevant and necessary documents pertaining to the shipments/goods are in possession of Shipper/Client who will be liable and responsible to provide all and any document as and when required by BLUEEX for their onward submission to any Government Agency/Department/Authority etc.

It is further undertaken and confirmed that the Shipper/Client shall make himself and/or any documents whatsoever available at all material time and in the event that BLUEEX and/or any Government Agency/Department/Authority etc. has any query in relation to all and any aspect of shipments/goods.

It is further undertaken and declared that BLUEEX being only responsible for warehousing/transportation of shipments/goods of Shipper, any liability, loss, claim, demand, action, proceeding etc. as may occasion to BLUEEX shall be made good and be fully indemnified by the Shipper/Client in relation thereto.

j) Payment Mode:
Settlement of invoice only through cross Cheque in favor of Universal Network Systems (Pvt.) Limited. BLUEEX will not be liable for any losses resulting if cash or any other mode of payment is used by client.

k) Tax Exemption:
BLUEEX, bearing NTN number 2691562-6, is exempted from Withholding Tax under section 153 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

l) Material Not Acceptable For Transportation:
BLUEEX will not carry Liquid, Liquor, Fire arms, Plants, Contraband Drugs, Explosives, Animals, Perishables, Negotiable instruments in bearer forms, Obscene or Pornographic materials, Industrial Carbons, Diamonds, IATA restricted articles, any item the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any provincial or federal Government of Pakistan & Mail/Parcels on P.O. Box Addresses. In compliance with Pakistan Post Office Act-1898, BLUEEX would not accept letters or post cards as their carriage is the exclusive privilege of the federal government.

m) GST would be applicable as per govt. Laws.

n) Rates will be increased on yearly basis with mutual understanding at certain percentage.

o) Thank you for choosing BLUEEX as your service partner.

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